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It’s not out of the ordinary for people to go missing in today’s day and age, especially in a heavily populated area. We often fear the worst as soon as someone goes missing and will do anything to find out where they are. However, sometimes the missing person knows what they are doing – this is often seen by people who are having financial difficulties and want an easy way out. It’s often hard to track someone down with very little information on them, this is where hiring a private investigator is a common next step.

Of course, there are many other reasons that you would want to locate someone other than knowing they have gone missing. You could be looking for someone which witnesses an accident or incident, someone who owes you money or even someone who is due money.


Finding a missing person is not as easy as you may think it is – the police can not always help with a missing person case as they require 24 hours for a child and adults are free to disappear as and when they choose. Quite often adults will disappear without notice, not because there was anything wrong but because they wanted to take a break from everything going on in their life. Private investigators do actually exist and are not just a fictional job like you would imagine from the TV shows, there is a range of sources and techniques that private investigators use to get the most information possible on a single person.


If you decide that you need to find someone and can’t wait for the police to find them or for them to re-surface, hiring a private investigator could be a good option. Private investigators are a good option for anyone living in suspense who needs answers fast, even if they are not the answers you wanted. Finding missing people is one of the most varied and unique jobs that a private investigator can have – our private investigators have years of experience in finding missing people and are accustom to many methods of locating people. We have many known contacts and experience with public records that often help us to find people that are actively trying not to be found. If you need answers fast, a private investigator could be the solution for you.

We offer an International and National Service for Process Serving duties. We always supply a brief report on the subject activities including photographic and or video detail and a detailed documented report of our Process Serving duties. Use the ‘Contact Us’ Option on the home page to discuss your requirements further
Process Serving
We can help businesses and private consumers in debt recovery due. Debtors can now leave properties, rent accommodation, change names by Deed Poll very easily to try and disappear from the ‘radar’. We are fortunate to be able to call upon our extensive experience and people skills and aid recovery. Use the ‘Contact Us’ Option on the home page to discuss your requirements further
Debt Problems
We pride ourselves on our high success rate in this area of service. Using sophisticated measures and state of the art surveillance equipment we always get results. We can provide detailed reports, photographic and video evidence. We have a highly skilled team of male and female investigators to support this service as well. Use the ‘Contact Us’ Option on the home page to discuss your requirements further
We are able to investigate RTA (Road Traffic Accidents), personal injury and workplace accidents, providing detailed reports, sketches, computerised mapping and photographic data. We can also assist in fraudulent claims and dubious witness statement clarification. Use the ‘Contact Us’ Option on the home page to discuss your requirements further
Accident Investigation
Our team of male and female investigators hold many years of experience dealing with partner enquiries. After an initial consultation meeting we will propose a strategy of actions best suited in gaining our clients a swift and productive result. Our team can pull on vast experience and state of the art surveillance equipment for this discreet service. Use the ‘Contact Us’ Option on the home page to discuss your requirements further
We can provide a full International and National Service whether you need to trace an old friend, family member, missing person, heir or debtor. We will be asked by adults wishing to trace biological parents or a son or daughter, either way these are all within our range of service. Use the ‘Contact Us’ Option on the home page to discuss your requirements further
Tracing Missing Persons
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